Mineral Eye Pigments


Use rosewater to use it wet or dry as a eyeshadow.

Shimmering, beautiful colours.

6 Fabulous Ways You Can Use Younique’s Mineral Eye Pigments

1. Nail Polish
That’s right, you can use the mineral eye pigments as nail polish. Want to create the perfect color of nail polish? Go right ahead. With 32 colors to choose from, you will find the right shade for you.

How? Pick the mineral eye pigment color you want to use and get some clear nail polish. Start off with ¼ teaspoon of pigment, put it into the clear nail polish, and shake! If you want a darker color, just add more pigment to the nail polish. Super easy and fun!

2. Hair Chalk
Want to have fun colored strands in your hair or in your daughter’s hair? Pick out the pigment colors you want to use and mix it with water until it’s consistency is like a paste. Paint it onto your strand of hair and set with a flat iron or blow dryer. This is great because the colors wash right out when you shampoo your hair. It’s such an easy and fun alternative to having permanent hair color!

3. Lip Gloss
There is so many beautiful mineral eye pigment shades that can be turned into lip gloss and the process is really easy! Mix the desired eye pigment color with Younique’s Loyal Lucrative lip gloss (or any clear lip gloss) and you have your own shade to put on your lips! The most popular pigments to use on your lips are: Heartbroken, Sassy, Sweet (blusher), and Vulnerable. It’s a great way to experiment with different shades to see what looks best on you!

The Younique eye pigment can really enhance the look of your 3d fiber lash mascara4. Eyebrows
I love filling in my brows with Younique’s eye pigments. I find them to be extremely light and they always go on smoothly. I use the Beautiful (dry) pigment with my angled brush to fill in my brows. I always start with a little and can add more if I need to do so. Depending on your coloring, here are the most popular pigments to use to fill in eyebrows: Beautiful, Irresistible, Provoked, Infatuated, Corrupted. You could even add a little rosewater to the pigments to help them stay on longer.

5. Eyeliner
Mixing the eye pigments with rosewater is a great way to apply eyeliner with the angled brush. I like that the brush makes it easy to “draw” on my lids and it leaves me with a natural look.

6. Vibrant Color
Want an even more vibrant color out of your eye pigments? Put Glorious primer on first. Let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the eye pigments to your eyes. The color will be a much deeper and vibrant shade this way! It’s almost like having two shades of the same color!

Of course, all of these “extras” are in addition to applying the mineral eye pigments on your eyelids as eye shadow. Before Younique, I wasn’t a loose mineral eye pigment wearing girl, but I really love the pigments. A little goes a long way and the cute container really lasts a long time! What are your favorite ways to use the mineral eye pigments?


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